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A puzzle game featuring bug robots where the objective is to get to the end portal of the level.

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Welcome to Bug Bots, a puzzle-platformer. You'll play the role of the bug robots, assisting a brilliant scientist, trapped inside a mysterious facility. Your only hope for escape lies in the extraordinary abilities of four incredible bug robots, each designed to aid you in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. 

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Utilize the unique abilities of the 4 bug robots to traverse the levels and solve puzzles!

Lightening Bug

Harness the power of electricity and unleash stunning bolts of lightning to disable security systems and illuminate your path.

Bug Sprites Lightening Bug.png


With its powerful hind legs, the Grasshopper possesses an incredible jumping ability.


The Beetle's ramming prowess turns obstacles into opportunity, opening up new routes for you to advance. 

Bug Sprites Beetle.png


Armed with a state-of-the-art grappling hook, the Spider excels at navigating the complex web of the facility.

Bug Sprites Spider.png
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Mouse or touch screen for clicking buttons. 
Keyboard Controls
Menus - Arrow Keys
Move - WASD
Use Ability - Spacebar
Pause - ESC
Destroy Current Bug - Delete

Controller Controls (Xbox / Playstation controlers)
Move - Left joystick.
Use Ability - A / X
Spawn Bug Menu - X / Square
Submit - A / X
Cancel: B / O
Pause - Menu, Start or Options
Destroy Current Bug - O

Controls can be changed in the options menu on the title screen or in game. 

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Game Design & Programming  by Jayometric 

Concept art, character designs, character models, sprites and story boards by Chroma Chamelea 

Music & Sound FX from GameDev Market
Pro Sound Collection

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