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Chromatic Cardinality - New Project!

I wanted to practice C++ and what better way than by making a game! The rules of the game are simple, escape the castle by avoiding the obstacles. The trick is that you change color based on the direction you are currently moving. Really want to get a working project version of this out ASAP! Hopefully by 7/7/2019. Updates will be posted as it progresses! So far the color changing works for both the players and the first obstacle type. Collisions between the player and obstacle reset you if you don't match color! Wall collision between the corners of the room work as well. There will be multiple rooms set up. The map itself will be hard coded to start with potential of randomly generated levels. Obstacle positions will definitely be randomized, I'm thinking on a grid of sorts. We'll see what happens! I'm excited to work on this and get it done with!

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