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Your Life My Currency

A Paper's Please style game available here:

Judge as many souls as possible during your shift. You're paid based on performance. Don't send souls to the wrong place! The Devil may try to bribe you as well... Use your Soul Credits to purchase upgrades to make your life easier. Or are you just wasting your precious money? Deal with the Devil or work extra hard to make ends meet! Can you survive the week?

Game available for Android, PC, Mac and playable online!

Controls:  Use the mouse to select the menu.  Press ESC to pause during your shift.

Update: The web version is more forgiving than the downloads. The only change is how much wrong choices count against you. Thanks to Ludum Dare players for reviews!

Update 2: Updated cost of erasers in the shop so they make sense with the previous change. Also added a toggle for the scan lines (in case it hurts your eyes!) This option is on the title screen and in the pause menu. There are also sounds for when the pause menu opens and closes! The pause menu also now blacks out the screen behind  it so players can't cheat by giving themselves all the time they need to read and judge souls! 

Credits Made for Ludum Dare 44 in 72 hours by Jason Peterson: Design, Programming, UI Tanya Rast: Art

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